West Central Missouri QU Chapter Hosts Workshop To Educate Landowners About State and Federal Cost Share Programs

Over 45 people attended the 9th annual Private Landowners workshop on Quail Habitat Development Hosted by the West Central Missouri Chapter of Quail Unlimited on October 18, 2006, in Garden City, Missouri. The purpose of this landowner night was to educate private landowners about both state and federal cost share programs available to them to do quail habitat work. Representatives from the United States Department of Agriculture (both NRCS and FSA) along with the Missouri Department of Conservation and Quail Unlimited were on hand to answer any questions the landowners had about the variety of programs.

Mr. Ron Highley, CED for Cass County Missouri, gave a presentation on the different federal programs available to landowners with an emphasis on the new MO CREP program. Mr. Jef Hodges, Regional Director of Quail Unlimited, spoke about CRP mid-contract management that is a requirement for most contracts in Cass County. Mr. Andrew Carmack gave a presentation on CP-33 and the success of that program in Cass County. To date, Cass County has enrolled over 1500 acres on 150 different farms. Ms. Diane Bradley, District Conservationist for the NRCS, gave a presentation about many of the NRCS programs available, including the new CSP (Conservation Security Program). Landowners were amazed at the amount of state and federal programs available for them on their land.

The meeting was attended by a number of farmers/landowners who were interested in these programs. The meeting was also attended by both local state representative candidates to educate them about what Quail Unlimited does and how these state and federal programs apply to local farmers. After the meeting, both candidates mingled with the crowd and listened to concerns that local farmers have. This was a great informational meeting and benefited everyone who attended.

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