“Chisholm Trail” Quail Unlimited Chapter Forms at Trailhead

“We thought of several names and/or landmarks, attempting to be all inclusive, so folks from a broad area would know theywere certainly welcome to become part of our conservation efforts in this area. We felt that Chisholm Trail worked best,” stated Tonya Stroda, new chairman of the QU chapter.

The new QU chapter has already begun some preliminary fundraising efforts with a few silent auction wildlife prints being placed in strategic, business locations in the Abilene area. “This gets us started raising some funds for habitat projects that we are excited about. We want folks to know that we’re actively investing/spending the funds we raise to improve the quail habitat in our area,” said Jim Townsend, a local landowner and treasurer for the new QU chapter.

Through matching grants, potentially available to the QU chapter, they hope to make a significant impact on stabilizing quail populations through habitat restoration in Dickinson and the surrounding counties.

For additional information concerning the Chisholm Trail Quail Unlimited Chapter, please contact Tonya Stroda at 785-366-7409 or Bob Peterson, Quail Unlimited Central Plains Regional Director at 417-359-5807 or email him at bpeterson@qu.org.


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