Hunter Education Summer Camp Open to Youth

Los Banos, CA (January 04, 2007)—Quail Unlimited’s Hunter Education COVEY Camp is open to youngsters from 10 to 15 years of age who are seeking their hunter education certificates. The Stillbow Ranch Summer camp expands the traditional 10 hours of classroom instruction into a five-day program of hands-on learning by doing and with repetition.

While completing their hunter education requirements the campers will be learning to safely handle shotguns, rifles and pistols. Once the basics of safe firearms handling are understood, the youngsters will visit the range everyday where they will learn shotgun and rimfire marksmanship skills. The campers will take part in a dove nesting cone project to check their usage and replace nesting cones as determined by the survey. Plus, they will learn quail and elk calling techniques. Chukar from a local game bird farm are used to teach game care and basic cooking. Field trips include a visit to the San Luis Reye National Elk Preserve. Also, local dog trainers stop by to demonstrate basic puppy work and retrieving.

The Stillbow Ranch is a unique site for a youth summer camp. Located in the grasslands of central California the 500-acre duck club offers a variety of waterfowl and marsh wildlife. The camp is just 10 miles from the San Luis Rey Elk Reserve, and the owner/members of Stillbow Ranch have contacts with USFS biologists, dog trainers and other experts to help make the camp a memorable experience.

A camp coordinator, two certified California Hunter Education instructors, junior counselors and volunteers from local Quail Unlimited chapters, who assist on a day-to-day basis, staff the camp. The campers will take the Hunter Ed test on Thursday, and successful participants will receive their hunter education certificate.

Stillbow Ranch is located eight miles east of Los Banos, California (one and a half miles south of Highway 152). The club offers bunkhouse style lodging with three to four campers per room, a full kitchen and classroom. There are duck ponds for wading in addition to the shotgun and 22 caliber shooting ranges.

Many Quail Unlimited chapters offer scholarship programs. For scholarship information, or if you have any questions regarding the camp, contact Dick Haldeman, QU Western Regional Director, at or call 951-767-3435. Application Download: Stillbow.doc

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