Arkansas: Quail and Songbird Habitat Workshop

Improving the bobwhite quail population in Arkansas has long been a goal of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and now private landowners can play a part in the effort, the commission says.

Private landowners will be the target audience at the “Quail and Songbird Habitat Workshop” on Jan. 26-27 at the Winthrop Rockefeller Center in Morrilton.

Experts from AGFC, Arkansas Forestry Commission, The Nature Conservancy, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service and Audubon Arkansas will offer instruction on how to manage land so quail and songbirds benefit.

“We’ll be covering all aspects of quail management and biology,” said Steven Fowler, AGFC quail program coordinator. Fowler will present a workshop session about biology and habitat requirements for quail.

The workshop begins Friday with an optional bird outing at Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge. A dinner program will be held that evening with Don McKenzie, the national coordinator of the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative, who will present an overview of quail conservation in Arkansas and around the country.

Seminars will run all day Saturday and include information on: biology and habitat requirements for quail and other bird species, open-land quail management practices, incentive programs for landowners, managing pastures and hay lands for livestock and wildlife, forest management practices, prescribed burning practices and forest stewardship planning for wildlife restoration. Attendees also will hear from a private landowner who is implementing a management plan on his property.

The cost ranges from $32.33, for Friday’s dinner program, to $125, for the complete workshop and lodging. More information is available by calling the Winthrop Rockefeller Center at 501-727-5435. Online registration is available at The registration deadline is Jan. 19.

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