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Is Switchgrass the Next Cash Crop?

For the past month and half there has been a lot of talk about cellulosic ethanol. The majority of this discussion has stemmed from the President mentioning switchgrass on multiple occasions when speaking on the topic of energy dependence and biofuels. Recently President Bush has called for a huge, government-mandated increase in renewable energy production – mainly ethanol. Ken Cook, of Mulch describes Bush’s plan in more detail in this article.

The problem with the President’s plan is that it could possibly cause a reduction in the amount of land currently enrolled in the CRP. Many believe this could put pressure on corn growers to switch CRP land over into corn production. It has been well known that for the US to achieve greater levels of ethanol production without exhausting our current corn industry, a transition must be made to cellulosic ethanol production. Enter stage right, switchgrass.

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Southern Nevada Quail Unlimited Skeet and Sporting Clays Shoot

The Southern Nevada Chapter of Quail Unlimited will host it’s first Skeet and Sporting Clays shoot February 17, 2007, at the Las Vegas Gun Club. The event, which will start at 11am, will be a combined skeet and sporting clays event, and will include a round of skeet and 50 targets of sporting clays, a year’s subscription to the Quail Unlimited magazine and a year’s membership in Quail Unlimited.

“Quail Unlimited’s method for matching funds and its system for keeping most of the money in the region where it is raised were major factors in starting the chapter,” said Chapter Chairman Chris Zundel. The chapter retains a portion of every membership sold and 60 percent of every dollar netted. This allows chapters to spend the habitat dollars and youth project money in their area.

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