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Quail Unlimited and Budweiser Set Conservation Milestone with ‘Adopt a Covey” Program

Quail Unlimited/Budweiser’s “Adopt-A-Covey” program was established in 2005. Enrollment is free, and can be completed online at the QU website All entries are regionally evaluated to select one winner in each of the nine regions, based on the quality and quantity of management activities conducted. A national winner is then chosen from these regional finalists. All winners and cooperators qualify for various prizes outlined on QU’s website.

The Cedars Plantation, a farm property owned by Jeff Churan and family of Avalon, Mo., today was named national winner of the “Adopt-A-Covey” quail habitat management program by Quail Unlimited (QU) and Budweiser. More than 100,000 acres of private lands were enrolled by some 300 participants in all nine QU regions of the United States during the first year of the “Adopt-A-Covey” program.

Adopt-A-Covey is the first-of-its-kind private land conservation initiative introduced to improve quail densities by encouraging and recognizing private land owners to properly manage and enhance quail habitat through wildlife-friendly practices on their properties. Churan will be awarded with an all-expenses-paid slot in the 2007 Chevrolet Celebrity Hunt, a feature article and front cover photo in Quail Unlimited magazine, and a supporters’ package containing various merchandise from Budweiser and QU partners.

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