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North State Membership Drive Brings California Hunters and Conservationists Together

The recently organized North State Chapter of Quail Unlimited held it’s first sporting clays shoot August 26, 2006, at the Clear Creek Sports Club. “We planned it as a membership drive and a way to tell the community that Quail Unlimited is now in town and doing business,” said cochairman Ric Van Griethuysen.

“We signed up 22 members, and it gave us a news story for the local papers,” added Chairman Bill Frech. We invited people we would like to have on our committees and made some new friends and contacts for the future. Frech plans to get committees organized, and set a date for their banquet this spring.

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Hunter Education Summer Camp Open to Youth

Los Banos, CA (January 04, 2007)—Quail Unlimited’s Hunter Education COVEY Camp is open to youngsters from 10 to 15 years of age who are seeking their hunter education certificates. The Stillbow Ranch Summer camp expands the traditional 10 hours of classroom instruction into a five-day program of hands-on learning by doing and with repetition.

While completing their hunter education requirements the campers will be learning to safely handle shotguns, rifles and pistols. Once the basics of safe firearms handling are understood, the youngsters will visit the range everyday where they will learn shotgun and rimfire marksmanship skills. The campers will take part in a dove nesting cone project to check their usage and replace nesting cones as determined by the survey. Plus, they will learn quail and elk calling techniques. Chukar from a local game bird farm are used to teach game care and basic cooking. Field trips include a visit to the San Luis Reye National Elk Preserve. Also, local dog trainers stop by to demonstrate basic puppy work and retrieving.

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