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Is Switchgrass the Next Cash Crop?

For the past month and half there has been a lot of talk about cellulosic ethanol. The majority of this discussion has stemmed from the President mentioning switchgrass on multiple occasions when speaking on the topic of energy dependence and biofuels. Recently President Bush has called for a huge, government-mandated increase in renewable energy production – mainly ethanol. Ken Cook, of Mulch describes Bush’s plan in more detail in this article.

The problem with the President’s plan is that it could possibly cause a reduction in the amount of land currently enrolled in the CRP. Many believe this could put pressure on corn growers to switch CRP land over into corn production. It has been well known that for the US to achieve greater levels of ethanol production without exhausting our current corn industry, a transition must be made to cellulosic ethanol production. Enter stage right, switchgrass.

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Coalition for Conservation

Farm Bill 2007The 2007 Farm Bill is important to Oklahomans, and their lifestyle. That’s why twenty plus organizations are joining forces to support the Conservation Title in this years legislature. The group, calling themselves “The Coalition for Conservation,” has the intent of raising awareness of the benefits associated with the programs contained within the Conservation title of the 2007 Farm Bill.

The Conservation Title of the Farm Bill contains the legislation behind all the wildlife habitat programs such as: CRP, WHIP, WRP, and EQIP. All of which have been extremely valuable to wildlife in the state of Oklahoma, and virtually every other state in the U.S. The Coalition for Conservation be working to educate farmers, landowners, policy makers, and the general public on the benefits of wildlife conservation.

Below is a list of groups involved, and links to their websites if applicable:
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Good for Quail Too!

Pheasant Fest’s Farm Bill Forum Attracts Top U.S. Policy Makers

Pheasants Forever
(PF) announces the National Pheasant Fest 2007 Farm Bill Forum. At 10AM on Saturday, January 20th, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, and U.S. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minn. will participate in a panel discussion about the 2007 Federal Farm Bill. This is expected to be the first public appearance together for the two most influential people shaping the next Farm Bill. The Forum will be held in seminar rooms 7 & 8 on the lower level of HyVee Hall in the Iowa Events Center as part of National Pheasant Fest 2007 presented by Cabela’s.

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