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Quail-hunting opportunities are there!

To those of us that are interested in quail hunting and management, it is a wide spread fact that quail numbers are down across the nation. However, that doesn’t mean that the opportunity to hunt wild birds in nonexistent. There is a nice article in today’s (1/11/07) Houston Chronicle that discusses this very topic. The article mentions that parts of Texas and Oklahoma have outstanding populations of scaled quail, that provide ample hunting opportunity to the general public. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Overall quail production was poor,” said Steve DeMaso, Upland Bird Program Leader for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. “The widespread drought really hurt, but some areas — especially portions of South Texas — got late summer rains that encouraged a late hatch. The coastal region south of Corpus Christi probably fared best.”

DeMaso said that despite the fluctuating quail population, Texas hunters typically harvest 25 to 30 percent of the available birds in a given season. In a boom year, the harvest might be as high as 3 million quail; in a bust year, the harvest might drop to 750,000.

Quail Unlimited’s Texas Council Steps Up – Texas Style

Another first in the battle for the recovery of the Northern Bobwhite Quail became reality as the Texas Council of Quail Unlimited (QU) provided a major donation of $10,000 for the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI). The donation will be immediately matched by the State of Texas, Texas Parks and Wildlife, doubling the impact of QU members throughout the lone star state to $20,000. “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first state council to meet the overall challenge QU accepts to restore the quail through the NBCI, a landscape-scale restoration and population recovery plan in the US” stated Rocky Evans, President of Quail Unlimited. “As we have recently seen, quail recovery is beginning; our efforts and those of every state agency and QU members are seeing the fruits of their untold hours of hard work, fund raising and volunteer efforts over the years. Our Texas chapters and their state council are to be recognized and highly commended for the herculean efforts to reach out to the entire country as well as their home state of Texas in supporting the NBCI program” Evans strongly emphasized.

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New Book: Texas Quails by Leonard Brennan Coming Spring 2007

Nothing is more evocative of the Texas outdoors than the whistled call of the bobwhite. While the familiar two-note greeting is now just a memory for most of us who live in the state’s growing urban sprawl, this bird is an economic commodity on par with crops and livestock in some regions of Texas. Three other native species of quail also inhabit Texas. Like the northern bobwhite, the scaled quail is significant as a game bird. The other two species, Gambel’s quail and Montezuma quail, are found in limited areas of southwestern Texas and represent an important indicator of forest, rangeland, and habitat conditions.

Texas Quails presents the first complete assessment of the four species of quail found in this vast state. Experts describe each of them and examine all geographic regions of the state for historical and current population trends, habitat status, and research needs. These experts also discuss management practices, hunting issues, economics, and diseases.

With the recent creation of the Texas Quail Conservation Initiative, this volume provides a timely and comprehensive view of quail science and stewardship.

Quail hunting has positive impact on rural economies

WICHITA FALLS – Leasing land for quail hunting has a positive impact on many rural economies in the state, said a Texas Cooperative Extension economist.

“The economic impact of hunting in Texas exceeds $1.5 billion annually,” Jason Johnson, Extension economist based at Stephenville. He addressed a capacity crowd at the recent Red River Quail Symposium in Wichita Falls.

“Quail are the third most hunted species of game in Texas, ranking behind deer and dove, based on the number of active hunters,” he said. “But quail rank fifth behind deer, dove, duck and wild turkey in terms of the number of days spent hunting. This suggests that insufficient quail habitat or the distance to suitable quail habitat restricts hunting activity for this game bird.”

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