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Missouri Provides Youth-Only Quail and Pheasant Seasons

To provide more opportunities for hunters ages 6 through 15, the Conservation Commission has established youth-only quail and pheasant seasons. Both seasons take place Oct. 27-28. Youths who are not hunter education certified must hunt in the immediate presence of a properly licensed and hunter ed-certified adult. Adults may assist youths, BUT THE ADULT MAY NOT HUNT quail or pheasant. The quail season takes place statewide. The pheasant season will be held in the north zone only. The north zone is defined as north of Interstate 70 and also in the portion of St. Charles County south of Interstate 70.

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2007 Missouri Quail Academy–Applications Open for Students and Teachers in Missouri

Jef Hodges, Great Plains Regional Director of Quail Unlimited, announced the 2007 Missouri Quail Academy today, open to all Missouri students and teachers interested in quail management practices and natural resource conservation. “This joint effort between Quail Unlimited, the Missouri Department of Conservation and the University of Central Missouri is an exceptional opportunity for advanced conservation participation and exposure to students and teachers alike” states Hodges. “The 5 day academy is provided at no charge to students or teachers and teachers may earn up to 2 hours of college credit for their participation” Hodges emphasized.

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Hunter Education Summer Camp Open to Youth

Los Banos, CA (January 04, 2007)—Quail Unlimited’s Hunter Education COVEY Camp is open to youngsters from 10 to 15 years of age who are seeking their hunter education certificates. The Stillbow Ranch Summer camp expands the traditional 10 hours of classroom instruction into a five-day program of hands-on learning by doing and with repetition.

While completing their hunter education requirements the campers will be learning to safely handle shotguns, rifles and pistols. Once the basics of safe firearms handling are understood, the youngsters will visit the range everyday where they will learn shotgun and rimfire marksmanship skills. The campers will take part in a dove nesting cone project to check their usage and replace nesting cones as determined by the survey. Plus, they will learn quail and elk calling techniques. Chukar from a local game bird farm are used to teach game care and basic cooking. Field trips include a visit to the San Luis Reye National Elk Preserve. Also, local dog trainers stop by to demonstrate basic puppy work and retrieving.

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Quail Hunt Sponsored for Youth in Kansas City Area

Higginsville, MO (January 04, 2007)—The Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Outdoor Enthusiasts Group and the Kansas City Chapter of Quail Unlimited are sponsoring a Youth Quail Hunt Saturday, March 3, 2007, at K & L Kennels in Higginsville.

The hunt is open to youths ages 11 to 15, who have completed their Hunter Safety Certification no later than February 6, 2007. Complete hunting supplies will be furnished, and trained hunting professionals will be available to accompany hunters in the field. Youths must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Participants must be able to attend a pre-hunt meeting on Tuesday, February 6, at 6:30 pm in Room 146 of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.

Due to time constraints, only a limited number of hunting slots are available! Those interested should contact Mike Dye ( or Gary Becker (816-506-1176) for additional information or to make a reservation.